Storysaver for Instagram: The BEST Way to Save Instagram Stories

Storysaver For Instagram The Best Way To Save Instagram Stories

Instagram Stories belonging to other users cannot be downloaded in the Instagram application. Instagram only provides download options for stories belonging to their own accounts. However, at some times, you want to save someone else’s Story. Here is how to use story saver.

What is StorySaver

Before we learn how to use story saver we have to know what it is. Story saver is an application that allows you to save videos and photos from Instagram Stories. By logging into Story Saver which automatically downloads images/videos.

You can save into your device, then repost it on Instagram, share Facebook, Twitter and other social networks.

StorySaver Features

  1. Login with Instagram
  2. 3 STEPS to download Instagram stories
  3. Quickly save pictures and videos from Instagram Stories
  4. Easy save to device or repost to Instagram
  5. Easy to browse, delete and share downloaded stories on Facebook, Twitter

How to Use Story Saver

If you are an Android user, you can use the Story Saver application. The app is free and available on Playstore. You can easily download the desired Story. Here are the steps of how to use story saver:

Download Instastory Using Storysaver Net
Download Instastory Using Storysaver Net
  1. Install the Story Saver app or open this url:
  2. Open Story Saver. You will see two options, sign in with Instagram or Facebook. Then select the first option.
  3. This app will take you to the Instagram login page so you can login to your account. This will allow you to view and save Stories directly in the Story Saver app without having to use the actual Instagram app.
  4. After logging in, you see a list of accounts with available Stories. If its not, just type any IG username you want to download his/her story. Then, just click on the account with the Story you want to view.
  5. Furthermore you can view Story, download, share or repost. Select the download option to save the desired Story.
Click Save As Video Button To Download Stories
Click Save As Video Button To Download Stories

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How to See Instagram Story Secretly

The secret feature of Story Saver is you can see other user’s posts secretly without giving your name account on their apps. In the common Instagram app, viewers will be shown in the app. Here is how to see a story post secretly.

  1. Open the Story Saver application, login with your Instagram account.
  2. After logging in, you will see a list of followers who have Instagram Stories on that day. However, you can only view Instagram Stories on accounts that are currently active.
  3. Don’t tap the ‘eye’ icon available so you can see Instagram Stories without being caught.
  4. Select the account whose Instagram Story you want to peek at.

That’s how to use story saver both to save stories from other users or to secretly see their posts. May this app be helpful.

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