Instanavigation, Free Instagram Story Viewer without Installing Apps

Instanavigation, Free Instagram Story Viewer

When viewing other people’s Instagram Stories, the account owner will definitely know who has watched their uploads. However, some Instagram users may not want to be caught looking at other people’s Instagram Stories. To keep yourself hidden, you can use Instanavigation to see Instagram Story without your name listed.

What is Instanavigation

To sneak a peek at Instagram Story you can use a third party site as an alternative. There are many you can use but the most recommended one is the Instanavigation. The site has the same function to sneak peek at other people’s Instagram Stories. 

One of the benefits is you can use this tool without installing first. So you don’t have to use your internal memory. Just save the bookmark and you can use it anytime and anywhere.

How to use Instanavigation?

Now let’s learn how to use the Instanavigation tool. Here are the steps.

Type Ig Username
Type Ig Username
  1. Prepare your device, smartphone, tablet, laptop or computer.
  2. Open your browser, type the site or click the link
  3. Type the id without @ any account you want to spy or simply copy and paste the user link, wait the process
  4. The target account will be showed, click Story to see them anonymously or click posts to see the posts
  5. There will be a green “Download” button to download the Story or the Posts.
  6. Finish.
Choose A Stroy To View
Choose A Stroy To View

How are the steps? It is easy right? The safety, the UI and also the methods of using these tools make Instanavigation is recommended to be used. You don’t need to install anything or even login using your data.

Is Instanavigation Safe?

This tool is recommended because it is safe to use. You can use the tool without login or using anything linked to your account. This tool is 100% anonymous. That’s why this tool is recommended and safe.

The tool itself really hides your information when seeing other users’ story since you don’t make any login. The tool is considered perfect for you to spy on people or especially your crush.

The only weakness of this tool is just like the other third party app and original Instagram app, it cannot see private or protected accounts. You have to make sure your target account is not private.

Instanavigation Features and Benefits

The tool has some features you can use. Here are some of the features.

Button To Download Instagram Story on Instanavigation
Button To Download Instagram Story on Instanavigation
  1. It can be used to see non private account post and story anonymously
  2. It can see non private account post
  3. It can download Instagram Story of non private account
  4. It can download Instagram Post of non private account

The tool has a very simple User Interface and it has very easy steps to use it. You can master it in seconds. It also supports being open from your phone, laptop or computer. Here is how to use Instanavigation, learn it once then you can see other accounts’ story anonymously.

That’s how to secretly view other people’s Instagram without getting caught. Good luck to use Instanavigation.

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