How to use Glassagram Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer

Glassagram Anonymous Instagram Story Viewer

In Instagram, to post a story, is like posting announcement in bulletin board. Whoever viewing it is regarded has been receiving the message being posted. While at the same time, the concept itself is not always true because people are being logged for activities that are not to be intended to view. It is like viewing any message within Whatsapp application when people are seeing statuses, the application will scroll down automatically. Sometimes, this can cause misunderstanding. For marketers, who have been viewing any statuses, occasionally contacted as a follow up step, when the marketer know, who view its story. This is annoying. The concept of the original social media application is to bound any relationship tight. However, with the growing marketing needs of every person, social media has been turning into market.

So, there is a need to view any story while the story owner didn’t know. We need to view stories because we care. But our care sometimes be turned into passion for buying. This is not the actual aim of the social media. To view Instagram stories without being recorded, we can view the story as anonimous person. There are many application available in the internet to do this. One of them is Glassagram.

What is Glassagram

Glassagram is anonimous Instagram story viewer app.

Glassagram homepage
Glassagram homepage

To use Glassagram, we need to follow steps 1, 2, 3 below:

  • Choosing subscription plan, completing purchasing then to receive email with further instruction to do
  • To enter Instagram target, its username inside our account
  • Waiting and start monitoring process
1,2 3 steps in using Glassagram
1, 2, 3 steps in using Glassagram

Difference between Glassagram and other spying application

Glassagram is different from other spying software. It is doesn’t need to be installed inside target phone device. All that we need to do is entering username of the target. We do not know how Glassagram work inside it. All that we need to know is entering target username. We don’t need to know about manual human spying or automatic machine reading, the Glassagram does.

Glassagram will help many parents and teachers as well as to any relationship problem. In the age where every occation is marketing competition, this application can help too. When we are trying the feature to watch Instagram stories of our target username, first, we will be redirected to signup page, then, to subscription:

Subscription plan of Glassagram
Subscription plan of Glassagram

When we are using Glassagram, nobody will get information about cooperation between Glassagram and us. Glassagram application also a friendly to use software. Glassagram can monitor everybody that want to be targeted by us. Glassagram will provide information not only public information but also the private one. By using Glassagram, we can also viewing information from target device. This is amazing.

Differences among Instagram viewer application

  • Global story viewer. This kind of application can preview all stories. It is good for playing. Free application.
  • Instagram marketing application. This kind of application can do all Instagram marketing jobs. Paid application with several feature available as free.
  • Instagram private analysis. This kind of application can target a user with his device also and can do the action for one user only, without installing any software on the target device. That is Glassagram!