How to Make Name Ringtone for Android and iPhone

How To Make Name Ringtone With Prokerala

Ringtone is one of many features that we need for our phone. It simply personalized our phone and made it different between us and others. To make your own ringtone with your own name, you can use a tool. The name of the tool is Prokerala. Here is how to create ringtone with the name using Prokerala.

How to Create Ringtone with The Name

If you are interested in creating your own ringtone and name it, you can use Prokerala. Using the tool, you can make text into voice and add your name into it. This is how to create ringtone with the name using Prokerala.

Name Ringtone Maker On Prokerala
Name Ringtone Maker On Prokerala
  1. Open your browser on your device
  2. Visit
  3. There are three blank you have to fill
  4. First you have To fill your name or the ringtone’s name
  5. Next, choose the text message of the ringtone you want to make for example, please pick up the phone
  6. The third is to choose the background of your ringtone
  7. The last thing, choose Make Ringtone
  8. Save your ringtone
Download Mp3 For Android And M4r For Iphone
Download Mp3 For Android And M4r For Iphone

Prokerala My Name Ringtone Maker

Prokerala is actually a site that provides many things like ringtone and news. But actually, this site also provides us to upload our own ringtone and name it so others can download and use the ringtones we make or we uploaded.

Beside ringtone things, Prokerala offers many services such as:

  1. News 
  2. Automobile
  3. Travel
  4. Calculator
  5. Health and Beauty
  6. Banking
  7. Recipes

If you are done with your ringtone things, you may visit other services above. Now, we’ll learn how this site can create a ringtone with your own name.

How to Download New Ringtone 2022

It is easy right? You can choose and make your ringtone freely without any charge. Beside making your own ringtones, you can also download others’ user ringtone on the site. This feature makes the site popular for smartphone users. Here is how to download it.

Download Latest Ringtone Mp3
Download Latest Ringtone Mp3
  1. Open your browser, open Prokerala site (
  2. Choose Ringtone menu
  3. Choose the type of the ringtone
  4. Download the ringtone file, then set the ringtone as ringtone
  5. Finish

That’s all about the tutorial of how to create ringtone with the name. With the tool provided by the site, you can personalize your smartphone by making your own ringtone different from others. May this article be helpful for all the smartphone users, don’t forget to share it.

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