How to Get Transcript of YouTube Video (Convert Video to Text)

How To Get Transcript Of Youtube Video

The way we download YouTube videos is known by everyone. But, sometimes we lose the transcript of the video due to watching it offline. Here we will learn how to download the transcript of a youtube video.

The growth of smartphone and internet users continues to increase, it is certain that the growth of applications in them will also increase. We know that YouTube is currently a complete and up-to-date source of entertainment, inspiration, motivation, business, and education.

All users can get from YouTube for free and without limits. The limit we sometimes face is the language barrier. Some YouTube content makers provide the transcript that can be easily changed into our language, but sometimes they don’t.

This method of how to download the transcript of a youtube video is also useful if the video has no transcript at all. We can make its own transcript by using a tool that can change voice to text. Here is the tutorial.

How to Download Transcript of A YouTube Video

Hide And Display Youtube Video Subtitles 1
Hide And Display Youtube Video Subtitles

To display text from a video on Android requires a slightly different way. Here’s how to view YouTube video transcripts via Android.

  1. Update app to new version if needed
  2. Open the YouTube app
  3. Find the desired video
  4. Open the caption by tapping the title of the video
  5. Scroll to the very bottom
  6. Tap the Show Transcript button

After following the steps above, a text copy of the video transcript will appear. There is a special marker that will show where the conversation has reached, so users can continue watching the show without the need to replay the video.

Furthermore, if it has successfully displayed the text of the transcript, the user can download it after downloading the video by following these steps. Here is how to download the transcript of a youtube video.

Downsub Youtube Transcript Generator
Downsub Youtube Transcript Generator
  1. Open the YouTube video in question
  2. Tap the Share button below the video then select Copy Link
  3. Next, open the page through a browser
  4. Paste the share link of the YouTube video in the column provided.
  5. Click the Download button
  6. Wait for the service to load the download file
  7. Tap TXT or SRT on the transcript that appears as needed

If the video doesn’t provide the transcript text, you can use the following steps.

3 Steps To Get Youtube Video Transcript
3 Steps To Get Youtube Video Transcript
  1. Copy the share link of your YouTube video
  2. Using your browser, visit
  3. Paste your link in the blank, change the language you want to get in the script
  4. Chose the option of to Show Time, In a Paragraph or in a Column
  5. Download

To make sure the transcript text appears when you watch the video offline, make sure you use a video player that supports reading .srt file as subtitle. That’s how to download the transcript of a youtube video. May this tutorial be useful.

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