[SOLVED] Undoing Changes Made to Your Computer in Windows 10

Undoing Changes Made To Your Computer

As Windows 10 users, sometimes you might find out undoing changes made to your computer error message suddenly appears on the screen. This condition often happens when your computer experiencing boot loop due latest update installation.

When this error message pops out on your computer, it means that machine failed to install update and is trying to return the changes. Not just due to update issue, undoing the changes occurs because other reasons such as corrupted system files.

3 Ways to Fix Undoing Changes Made to Your Computer

Undoing the changes usually happens less than one hour. However, during that time your computer is unusable. To fix this problem, you can try some of these methods by Knot35.com technical team:

1. Shut Down Computer and Turn the Wifi Off

Shut down the computer by pressing the power button to conduct power drain. Turn off the wifi connection or alternatively unplug the router two   easier way. Then, wait around two minutes before turning the computer back on to check whether the issue remains exist.

Top boot the computer normally, you can run SFC and DISM for repairing corrupted system files. Then, change the name of the SoftwareDistribution folder such as follows:

  • Press Windows and X keys together and choose “Command Prompt (Admin)”.
  • Run these commands accordingly. (First, sfc/scannow, then DISM.exe/Online/Cleanup-image/Checkhealth, and last DISM.exe/Online/Cleanup-image/Restorehealth)
Shut Down Computer And Turn The Wifi Off
Shut Down Computer And Turn The Wifi Off
  • Wait the process to complete.
  • Run these several commands (net stop wuauserv, net stop bits, rename C:\Windows\SoftwareDistribution\to SoftwareDistribution.bak, net start wuauserv, and the last command is net start bits)
Run These Several Commands
Run These Several Commands
  • Try to reconnect the computer with the internet and reinstall the Windows update.

2. Boot into Safe Mode

If undoing change made to your computer is due to default settings and drivers, it usually doesn’t happen in Safe Mode. This condition might also occur when other programs cause problem with the Windows update service. Do these steps to fix it:

  • Shut down the computer by pressing the power button.
  • Restart the computer, go to Settings → Update & Security → Recovery.
  • Visit “Advance startup” and select “Restart now”.
  • After the computer restarting. Choose Troubleshoot → Advanced options.
After The Computer Restarting, Choose Troubleshoot, Advanced Options.
After The Computer Restarting, Choose Troubleshoot, Advanced Options.
  • Choose “Startup Settings” and click “Restart”.
  • Press F5 key to open “Safe Mode with Networking”.
  • As the computer in Safe Mode, go to “Control Panel”, choose “Uninstall a program” and click “View installed updates” in the left part of the page. Then, you can uninstall the latest updates.
  • Move to “Update and Security and check the updates to know if the issue has been solved.”

3.  Run System Repair

The last method on how to fix undoing changes made to your computer is by running system repair. You just need to press and hold the power button around 10 seconds to conduct hard shut down on your computer. Do this shutting down method when the spinning dots are still on the screen.

Do this restart method twice because on the third restart, the computer will boot the Recovery Environment automatically. If this method cannot boot the computer into Safe Mode, you need to choose “Safe Mode” option. Next, you have to uninstall the problematic update and reinstall the update.

If this update issue remains exist, repeat the steps once again to boot the computer into Recovery Environment. Then, choose “Startup Repair” option. If reboots have been done many times but undoing the changes keep appearing, you need to wait the process to completely end by itself.

Run System Repair
Run System Repair

Mostly, the computer restart normally after 30 minutes and the entire updating process occasionally needs around one hour. Hence, you need to be patience when your computer do its thing and re-check it later.

Undoing changes made to your computer is an error that sometimes happen in Windows 10 and it can be fix by shutting down the computer, disable internet connection, or boot into the Safe Mode.