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YoPRO, Danone, and Israel Affiliation

YoPRO is a brand of high-protein yogurt created by Danone, an international food company headquartered in France. Danone was founded in 1919 by Isaac Carasso, a Spanish businessman of Sephardic Jewish descent. Carasso initially started the company in Barcelona, Spain, with the aim of producing yogurt and spreading its health benefits. He named the company Danone after his son Daniel, which means “little Daniel” in Catalan. Carasso’s background in the yogurt industry, combined with his innovative marketing strategies, led to the exponential growth of Danone, making it one of the largest and most successful food companies in the world.

As the founder of Danone, Isaac Carasso is widely recognized for his contributions to the yogurt industry. His expertise and passion for promoting the health benefits of yogurt have propelled Danone to become a leader in the global food market. Carasso’s vision of bringing yogurt to a wider audience and his commitment to quality and innovation have earned him a significant place in the history of the company. Today, Danone continues to honor Carasso’s legacy by producing nutritious and delicious products under various brand names, including YoPRO, which caters specifically to consumers seeking high-protein options.

Danone - Strauss

Danone – Strauss Partnership

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YoPRO’s Support for Israel

Danone’s affiliation with the Israeli company Strauss Group, the largest food tech company in Israel, has raised concerns. The fact that this partnership has lasted for more than 20 years raises questions about their ethical practices.

Not only that, but Danone, as a food giant, has also invested in several Israeli startups. One such investment is million into Israeli startup Wilk, which develops cell-based technology to produce cultured human breast and animal milk. This raises concerns about the moral implications of exploiting living beings for profit.

Furthermore, Danone’s investment in animal-free dairy startup Imagindairy through their corporate ventures arm, Danone Manifesto Ventures, is troubling. This Israeli startup aims to produce ‘animal-free’ dairy proteins using precision fermentation, which involves using microbes instead of cows. This raises concerns about the potential negative impact on the environment and animal welfare.

It is clear from these facts that Danone’s affiliation with Israel and its investments in Israeli startups not only contribute to the country’s economy but also support activities that have been criticized for their involvement in the occupation of Palestinian land. This raises serious ethical questions about Danone’s commitment to social responsibility and human rights.

Exploring Corporate Views on the Israeli Occupation

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Leading Israeli Brands Across Diverse Industries

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Kraft Heinz 1

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Drawing from the insights provided above, consumers are urged to heighten their awareness regarding the products they choose and the financial pathways involved. This vigilance is crucial to ensuring that our resources are not inadvertently contributing to actions that harm humanity and infringe upon the rights of Palestinian citizens.


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