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International Delight, Danone, and Israel Affiliation

International Delight is a popular brand of flavored coffee creamers owned by the Danone Company, a multinational food-products corporation based in France. Established in 1987, the brand quickly gained recognition for its high-quality and innovative coffee creamers that aim to enhance the taste of coffee for millions of consumers worldwide. With a wide range of flavors such as French Vanilla, Hazelnut, and Caramel Macchiato, International Delight has become a staple in coffee shops and households alike, providing a convenient and delicious way to personalize one’s coffee experience.

The parent company, Danone, was founded by Isaac Carasso, a Spanish physician and entrepreneur. Carasso, who was of Spanish-Jewish descent, developed an interest in fermented milk products due to his medical background and observations of their positive effects on digestive health. In 1919, he founded Danone in Barcelona, Spain, and introduced the first Danone yogurt, which gained popularity for its taste and health benefits. Today, Danone is recognized worldwide for its wide range of dairy, water, and plant-based products, all of which promote sustainable and healthy eating. The company has received numerous awards and recognitions for its commitment to social responsibility and its dedication to improving global nutrition and environmental sustainability.

Danone - Strauss

Danone Invest In Israel

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International Delight’s Support for Israel

The collaboration between Danone and the Strauss group, the largest food tech company in Israel, for over 20 years is a concerning fact. In 1996, Danone purchased a significant share of Strauss Health and granted them exclusive rights to use their know-how in producing dairy products. This partnership has allowed Strauss to dominate the Israeli market with popular brands like Milky, Dany, Danone, and Yotvata Choco.

While these products may be beloved by Israeli consumers, it is important to recognize the negative implications of this connection. By supporting the Israeli economy, Danone is indirectly endorsing and contributing to the ongoing occupation of Palestine. The profits made from these collaborations can be seen as fueling the Israeli government’s oppressive policies towards Palestinians.

It is disheartening to see a global corporation like Danone prioritize profit over ethics. Instead of using their influence to promote peace and justice in the region, they have chosen to align themselves with a company deeply rooted in the Israeli dairy industry. This partnership not only strengthens the Israeli economy but also legitimizes the occupation of Palestinian land.

It is crucial for consumers to be aware of the underlying implications of their purchasing decisions. By continuing to support brands like Milky and Danone, individuals inadvertently contribute to the oppression of the Palestinian people. It is high time for Danone to reassess their collaboration and consider the ethical consequences of their actions in the Israeli-Palestinian conflict.

Unveiling Corporate Stances on the Israeli-Palestinian Landscape

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Leading Israeli Brands Across Diverse Industries

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Drawing from the insights provided above, consumers are urged to heighten their awareness regarding the products they choose and the financial pathways involved. This vigilance is crucial to ensuring that our resources are not inadvertently contributing to actions that harm humanity and infringe upon the rights of Palestinian citizens.


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