Tidio, Best Instagram Bot Provider

Tidio, Best Instagram Bot Provider

What happen if we can not remember anymore who is the last liking our pictures in Instagram?

Yes, it is difficult because when our page growing fast and the followers are big, then it must be in automation process to follow the likers up.

With manual process, we need to see the notifications. Then, we visit the profile of the users. Then, we check whether they want to buy our product or not. Sure, we shall serve them directly. However, with repeating process, what we do always the same. Checking, visiting, asking. When we do this everyday, shall we hire someone to do? Yes. But, when the process repeated again, how many persons we need to work with us? We need an office, etc., etc.

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When it happens, then, this is time to use automation artificial intelligence process. That is, the bots. The bots is not human. However, they are trained by human to do some specific repeating jobs to help human, for example, answering questions. It is like a coke machine. When we press a button, a bottle of coke is dropped in front of us. Nobody consider that as not humanitarian process. The most important is a transaction.

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What is Instagram bot

Instagram bot is a kind of machine that is programmed, that is, trained by human to answer questions. It can also doing job like posting content. Furthermore, it can send message to users on our behalf. In the market, bot is being used to various jobs. The main job is to engage with a person directly. With bot also, the answering process can be fast. As we know, customers didn’t like to wait even a minute. The fast response will be considered as a good service. Win win solution for business owner and customer.

When it comes to a business, a bot is very useful. It is like computer. It can be used for hacking or any other useful activity.
So, when we near to a decision to use Instagram bot, why not try one? It is allowed as long as it is being used for marketing automation process. When a job of a human being replaced by a bot, this is actually a good thing because the human can do another useful activity instead of repeating same job everyday.

Bot for business automation process is allowed. Alyways keep in mind that we must use this bot at low activity like replying a message.
Take this example, when we use Whatsapp business, it has feature for auto replying. Is that a bot? Yes. Furthermore, outside there, an advanced Whatsapp software doing more complicated answering with training like say Hello to message contains Hello. That is a bot too.

Social media in examining users of the platform also uses bot. It is like checking whether a post is violating a terms of not. So, why we didn’t use bot too? As long as we use Instagram bot in limition, it would be allowed. If not, it is not fair. The analogy is like to use a computer. For hacking or for a purpose that is allowed, that would be the determination.

Bot versus bot

When people are using a bot for creating fake likes, the bot of the platform will handle this kind of evil bot. So, in order not to be considered as using bot, we need to use it wisely.

We need to know also, as long as our bot didn’t violate any rule, any report on our account will not be undertaken.

For what Instagram bot is

Instagram bot can be used to post automatically based on scheduled time. How bot works? Bot works by following our instruction. The behaviour of our bot is what we have trained to the bot. Is a bot effective to be used in Instagram? Yes. Here is the best Instagram bot provider for you.


Instagram Bot Tidio
Instagram Bot Tidio

Tidio is a good bot provider. It helps us to create our bot. The bot can be integrated with social media platform. This is a good tool to make process of auto answer easier for us.


By using service of Instagram bot provider, we can be more relax because most of the business job is answering questions. More time to our family.