Storiesig, How to View Instagram Story without Any Trace

Storiesig, How To View Instagram Story Without Any Trace

When viewing story both videos and pictures in instagram, sometimes we want to download it. However, Instagram does not facilitate this. Then we need to ask to the owner of the pictures or videos, if we want to share it. This is the best way. Another way is trying to download it without being known by the owner of the pictures. We can do this by using Storiesig.

What is

Storiesig is a kind of service in internet to view Instagram stories and downloading pictures and videos in the stories anonimously.


How to use Storiesig Info

  • Enter username without @ and press 'View' button
  • Wait for a second
  • Watch the story and save

Advantages of Storiesig

  • No account required nor login
  • Storiesig can save pictures and videos from Instagram stories

What Storiesig for

  • To save Instagram pictures
  • To download Instagram videos

Note from Storiesig

  • Private stories can not be viewed
  • Features availables in Storiesig for informational purposes only

Detail of usage

1. Viewing and downloading Instagram story

  • Open your Instagram application
  • Find user that you want to view
  • Click on three dots on the top right
  • Go to
  • Choose IG story downloader menu
  • Paste the link that has been copied
  • Click search
  • Wait until the process finish
  • Click download to save video to your phone

2. Downloading Instagram video

  • Open Instagram and find account that you want download its videos
  • Copy link from the video
  • Go to
  • Choose IG video downloader
  • Paste the copied link
  • Wait until the process finish
  • Click download
  • Finish

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3. Downloading pictures in Instagram

In addition to Instagram stories, we can also download pictures from other Instagram user:

  • Open your Instagram account
  • Find account that you want to download its pictures
  • Copy link from the pictures
  • Go to
  • Chooce IG photo downloader
  • Paste the copied link
  • Click Download
  • Finish

4. Downloading profil pictures

  • Go to account where you want to download its profil picture
  • Click on three dots at the top right
  • Go to
  • Choose IG Avatar Downloader
  • Paste the profile link
  • Click Download
  • Finish

That’s all about and web apps.

Reasons behind anonimous browsing

Recording feature of any application is an advanced feature that is provided to track the usage of the data. It is like pasting analytic tracking code inside website where we can learn how many visitors to our page. We can see from what country the visitors are. The data is not complete because the user is not logging in.

With social media, all data like age, name and location, can be seen. Social media offering more complete data than a website. The purpose of detail tracking like this is marketing purpose. So, some users, prefer not to be tracked. Storiesig offer this feature.