So, With CentOS Stream, CentOS is Not Stable Again?

Rhel Fedora Centos

For many years, CentOS (Community EnterPrise Operating System) is knowns as very stable, highly-reliable, free open-source, and secure Linux distribution for web hosting industries. Major web hosting provider which running cPanel-WHM always use CloudLinux which is based on CentOS.

Even, CentOS it’s actually 100% cloning version of the Red Hat EnterPrise Linux (RHEL) as their upstream source and have the same binnary code and functionally with RHEL, but without RedHat Support. In fact, over the years the difference between CentOS and RedHat only in branding, design and art. Yes, CentOS removes the Red Hat trademark.

Sadly, in December 2020, Red Hat decided to kill CentOS which make angry all CentOS users from around the world. And the Red Hat board member told to the public that they currenlty moving the CentOS Project to CentOS Stream. So, Red Hat move their development focuse to CentOS Stream, which is positioned as RHEL development platform to test any changes and features before put in on production environment.

And the bad news is CentOS 8 now only have 1 year supports, instead of 10 year like previous CentOS release. While the CentOS 7 will still be supported until 2024. So, we may not see CentOS 9 as rebuild of the RHEL 9 in the coming year. CentOS Stream may not be so stable as previous CentOS Linux, and will probably become a testing ground only for Red Hat.

As we know, Fedora is upstream source for RHEL for many years. So, Redhat make Fedora for testing ground and they put any latest software firts on Fedora before put any changes and features on Red Hat EnterPrise Linux (RHEL) as their stable platform distribution system.

But stay calm coboy, now there is CentOS replacement called AlmaLinux which is backed by CloudLinus OS. AlmaLinux is 100% compatible with RHEL with 10 year support, since it’s forked from RedHat Enterprise Linux. As you all know that many web hosting company relies on CloudLinux OS for many years, where they running cPanel-WHM to sell shared hosting account to their customers.

Ok… I am will share more about AlmaLinux on the next posts… See you next time… 🙂