Opening Winmail Dat on Mac [Complete Guide]

Opening Winmail Dat On Mac

If you use Mac Mail and regularly send or receive messages with Windows users, chances are you will find winmail.dat file attachment. However, opening Winmail dat on Mac can be a little daunting. If you give it a try, you’ll find there is no compatible app to proceed.

How to get the job done? Luckily, there are always ways to open these files and accomplish your projects. If you always wonder how to deal with winmail.dat on your Mac computer, stay on the page and get inspired.

What’s a Winmail.dat File?

What’s A Winmail.dat File
What’s A Winmail.dat File

Winmail.dat files come from Microsoft Outlook and Microsoft Exchange. The .dat extension means it is a data file, which can be text, graphics, or calendar invite. It can also mean rich text formatting like a vcard, email signature, and bolded text.

When Mac computer receives the file, it doesn’t know what kind of data the file contains. That’s why it is unable to assign an application to open it. But you can manage it in a text editor and choose the app manually.

Opening Winmail Dat on Mac in 4 Easy Ways

Before you open a winmail.dat, always follow the first rule: be careful. Unless the email is sent by trusted sender, you shouldn’t never open the attachment. Because it comes with winmail.dat file that is general, you can’t figure out what it really is and if it can harm your computer.

If you are sure enough to open the files, here are 3 different methods to try out:

1. Using Browser

Let’s say that you have contacted the sender and the winmail.dat contains important files you need to open. The first method to achieve the goal is open the file in a browser. Feel free to use your favorite browser like Safari, Google Chrome, or Firefox.

Follow the steps below:

  • Save winmail.dat file to your desktop. If you are using Apple Mail, right click on the attachment and select Save.
  • Launch a browser and visit
Launch A Browser And Visit
Launch A Browser And Visit
  • Hit Choose File and find the attachment you saved previously.
  • Click Upload.
  • Select Start.

Now you are able to view the file attachment. Not only does it provide you with easy access to the content, it is also simple to use and completely free. But you’ll be required to register or submit your email.

2. Using Gmail

Using Gmail
Using Gmail

Opening winmail.dat on Mac comes in handy with Gmail. It has a powerful ability to identify if your winmail.dat files are attachment documents or only rich text versions of the email. Using this method, it is only a matter of forwarding your email.

Whenever you need to open winmail.dat files, all you have to do is to forward the email to your Gmail account. Once forwarded, access your Gmail via web browser and see what the files actually contain. This is a two-step process but it works effectively to help you out.

3. Save in the Right Format

Save In The Right Format
Save In The Right Format

Another great way to open a winmail.dat file is by saving it as intended file format. You might want to ask the sender what type of file they actually sent so that you can save it with the intended format. For instance, if it is a word document, you can save it as .docx or .doc.

This might sound impractical but it can be a solution, especially if you don’t have a Gmail account. Once saved with the right format, you will be able to open the file with the right app.

4. Use TNEF Enough

Use Tnef Enough
Use Tnef Enough

TNEF Enough is an app created to identify winmail.dat files and it is available on the Mac App Store. Once downloaded, you can launch it and drag the file onto the application. You can proceed by right-clicking the attachment and select Open with then TNEF Enough.

Opening winmail dat on Mac is simple with a little know-how. Choose a method that’s the easiest for you and never missed important files.