Kylian Mbappe’s kind Gesture towards Achraf Hakimi is Breaking the Internet

Kylian Mbappe's Kind Gesture Towards Achraf Hakimi

After France’s victory against Morocco, fans were thrilled to see Kylian Mbappe’s classy show of sportsmanship when he walked up and congratulated the opposing team’s Achraf Hakimi on his performance in what was an exciting knockout game.

Mbappe And Hakimi Classy Gesture
Mbappe And Hakimi Classy Gesture

France’s victory over Morocco in the World Cup was marked by an unlikely rivalry between French teammates and Paris Saint-Germain duo Hakimi and Mbappe. While they remain close friends off of the field, both players were determined to come out on top during their individual battle down the right side of defense.

Despite a hard-fought match that mirrored their friendly competition with each other, it was France who emerged victorious at full time – yet perhaps no one celebrates more than these two comrades as evidenced by them swapping shirts after shaking hands warmly following such a competitive game.

After France’s triumphant victory, Mbappe and Hakimi added a special touch to the celebrations. The two friends showed their love for one another by exchanging jerseys – with Mbappe donning his pal’s shirt while Hakimi proudly wore that of his team-mate. This heartwarming bromance was not lost on fans who took to social media gushing over such endearing moments between close pals!

Mbappe Wore Hakimis Shirt
Kylian Mbappe celebrated France’s entry into the World Cup Final by wearing his best friend Achraf Hakimi’s match-worn Morocco shirt – a heartwarming display of friendship between two great nations.

Mbappe is in the hunt for both a second World Cup and a Golden Boot.

The 23-year-old has five goals – joint top with PSG team-mate Lionel Messi – although the Frenchman has two assists compared to Messi’s three.

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