iPad Unable to Join Network Solution

Ipad Unable To Join Network Solution

An iPad and iPhone are internet-dependent, which means most of its functionality heavily depends on the internet. Having this in mind, it is rather frustrating if your iPad cannot join a wireless network. Your only option is to find iPad unable to join network solution.

Fixing network issue on iPad sounds tricky but it’s not as complicated as it might sound. If you want to address the problem without sending your device to a service center, we are here to help. We’ve put together a number of solutions to make your iPad work again.

4 iPad Unable to Join Network Solution

When you find an error message in iOS, identifying the cause can help you take action to fix it. But with nondescript error message, it’s hard to know what is wrong with your Wi-Fi. Though you can’t figure out what’s actually wrong, the following solutions can help the most cases.

1. Check on Wi-Fi Status

Check On Wi Fi Status
Check On Wi Fi Status

In many cases, network error happens because users forget to switch their Wi-Fi on. Before jumping to a more complicated solution, you may want to check if your Wi-Fi is on or off. Here’s how to do it:

  • Go to Settings.
  • Tap on Wi-Fi.

If your Wi-Fi is on, the color of the toggle should be green. It should also display a name of Wi-Fi network you can join. But if you find the toggle is grey, that means your Wi-Fi is off. You can tap on the toggle to switch.

2. Check on Your Range

Check On Your Range
Check On Your Range

Is your router switched on? In some cases, you cannot join a network because the router is switched off. For this reason, checking on router status can never go wrong. You may also want to check if the router is still connected to the modem.

Let’s say that your device’s Wi-Fi is switched on but you are unable to join network. The next simple solution is to make sure if you are within range. Wi-Fi router has limited range so if you are out of range, you won’t be able to connect the network.

3. Restart iPad

Restart Ipad
Restart Ipad

A restart is a simple yet powerful solution for most issues, including network problem. Try restarting your iPad and reconnect to network and check if the problem persists. How to restart an iPad is completely simple. Follow the steps below:

  • Make power off slider appear on your screen by pressing and holding the top button.
  • Drag the slider.
  • Then wait for about 30 seconds before turn off.
  • Turn it back on by pressing and holding the top button. Make sure you press long enough until Apple logo appears.
  • Try connecting with a wireless network.

This method doesn’t always work but in many cases, it helps address the problem. If you keep seeing the network error message, jump to the next solution.

4. Reset Network Settings

Sometimes, connection errors can be fixed with simple reset on network settings. This multi-step process is relatively quick and pretty easy to do by yourself. Here are the steps:

  • Go to Settings on your iPad.
  • Select General.
  • Tap on Reset, then choose Reset Network Settings.
Tap On Reset, Then Choose Reset Network Settings.
Tap On Reset, Then Choose Reset Network Settings.
  • Enter the passcode and confirm.
  • Restart your iPad or iPhone.
  • Once finished, go to Settings. Join the network again.

When you reset network settings, it removes saved configuration details and passwords. That’s why you need to enter passwords and network information once again. The device also removes residual cache that potentially causes network error.

Inability to join a network can be a big problem for iPad users because so many functionalities work only with internet connection. But now that you know iPad unable to join network solution, you can identify the problem and fix the problem without help.