Inflact, All in One Instagram Marketing Toolkit

Inflact, All In One Instagram Marketing Toolkit

Naturally, Instagram is already suitable for marketing. All processed are undertaking by manually viewing, posting and messaging. This takes a lot of effort and time consuming. The good news is, now there is Inflact, the service that understand what marketers need.

Before using this service, first we need to sign up.

Image 12
Signup interface

On the sigup page, we need to fill our email and password field, that is to be provided for the next login of the Inflact platform. We can also signing up by using existing Google or Apple account. Simply press, one of the buttons to sign up if we have logged in to Google or Apple. After signing up, we will be landed into Dashboard. The first that we need to do is inserting our username without @. When we are directed into paid subscription, just gently skip it out by locating ‘skip and proceed to dashboard’, at the bottom, a small writing font, that is intended not to be read. Well, no problem.

When it comes to dashboard, we shall find our Instagram account has been there. What can we do with this Inflact platform?

Here are the advantages of using it:

Automatic Like and Follow target audience

Well, this is danger for Instagram. Sooner or later, people will understand that there must be a bot. However, as long as people like to use Instagram, nobody matters whether the like is from human or bot. Today so many people looking for likes of whatever they post. Liking what others post means friendship. When we do like that manually, well, it is so great effort for us to do if the intension if marketing.

Image 13
Like and follow target audience.

To do this, simply click ‘ACTIVATE’ button. Again, we are directed to payment page. Don’t try to book now! We are just reviewing in case we need that. For personal usage, to pay for that, espescially to target our friends, is not saving cost and not ethical. However, if we are, who know, work in company that spend a budget for this kind of process, we could suggest this feature to make our jobs simple. Who care! People needs only likes!

Direct Marketing

Inflact Instagram Marketing Toolkit
Inflact Instagram Marketing Toolkit

Direct Instagram marketing is a kind of messaging people personally to offer stuff. This process can be done automatically by using this Inflact platform. It has also auto reply feature.

Indirect Marketing

Indirect marketing is a kind of posting content into Instagram. The post time itself can be scheduled.

Instagram Marketing Package With Scheduled Posting Features
Instagram Marketing Package With Scheduled Posting Features

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Tools is a complete feature available on Inflact platform. It includes widely available features in free service like downloader. On Inflact, the available features are more complicated. It can generate hashtag automatically based on the most popular hastag. Amazing. All in one instagram marketing. Here what available on the Tools section:

  • Hashtag generator
  • Downloader for pictures and videos
  • Instagram story saver with automatic looping so we don’t need to repeat the step whenever the user has not been creating story yet for the day


Inflact is paid service. Compared with free service, this is faster. Don’t worry about paying because by becoming free user, we can view story of others and many more features, for free.