iMessage Not Delivered Blocked

Imessage Not Delivered Blocked

iMessage is among the best messaging apps that helps promote a fast and efficient communication between iPhone users. But something can go wrong with your iMessage, such as iMessage not delivered blocked. If you wonder how to solve the issue, you are on the right page.

There are several reasons that make you unable to see Delivered sign on iMessage, one of which is being blocked by the recipient. Do you want to make sure if someone has blocked you? Learn more here to figure it out quickly.

iMessage Not Delivered Blocked: How to Tell the Truth

Being blocked is not the only reason of iMessage not delivered but it is one of possible factors. Fortunately, you have 5 different methods to tell if someone has blocked you on the app. Let’s get started.

1. Check Bubble Color

Check Bubble Color
Check Bubble Color

When you send a text on iMessage, it normally appears on blue bubbles. But sometimes it will be sent as SMS, especially if you have enabled Send as SMS setting. These messages will appear on green bubbles.

If your friend who has an iPhone sends you a text with green bubbles, there’s possibility that she or he has blocked you. But it also might sign that they don’t have data connection or their iMessage has been turned off so their iMessage turns to SMS. Jump to the next method to be entirely sure.

2. Check Delivery Notification

Check Delivery Notification
Check Delivery Notification

iMessage normally shows Delivered status when you send a message—it helps you know your message has been received. Besides, the app also has Read Receipts that lets you know the other person has opened the messages.

But this option doesn’t come by default because you need to turn it on. In case you don’t find either Delivered status or Read notification, chances are the recipient has blocked you. However, there are some other possible reasons like out of service, device is off, or no internet connection.

3. Check Status Updates

Check Status Updates
Check Status Updates

Checking status can be a great way to identify iMessage not delivered blocked. If you found the previous messages came with notifications like Delivered or Read but it no longer shows similar notifications, you can tell that the recipient has blocked you.

As aforementioned, bubble color can also indicate if someone has blocked you. When it comes with green text bubble and no delivery notification, you are sure blocked. If this doesn’t help, you may want to make a call to confirm if they don’t want to communicate with you.

3. Make a Call

Make A Call
Make A Call

The last checking method is to make a call. If there is no delivery notification and the bubble turns green, calling the person helps you confirm if you have been blocked. When someone blocked you, the phone would ring just one time and automated voicemail systems tells if the recipient isn’t available.

When you make a call, iMessage doesn’t notify the blocker. But if you leave messages in the voicemail, they will receive it—the message will appear in the folder of Blocked Messages.

How to Block Someone on iMessage

For your convenience, you might want to block annoying friends or iMessage users. Good news, there are few easy steps to achieve the goal., not to mention the person you blocked won’t receive notification. Take a closer look at the following steps.

  • Launch Messages app on your iPhone.
  • Navigate to the conversation with the user you want to block.
  • Select Info on their profile and scroll down.
  • Tap on Block this Caller.
Tap On Block This Caller
Tap On Block This Caller
  • Now you have blocked him / her.

Telling iMessage not delivered blocked can be a bit of tasks. There are few different methods to figure it out so you can try one that works efficiently. Or if you get annoyed with iMessage users, blocking them helps you achieve convenience during communication.