How to use the TikTok Seller Center to Research Trending Products

How To Research Trending Products On Tiktok Using Seller Center

Experimenting with new social media channels is a bit of a challenge especially since no one really understands how social media works. However, the presence of third-party applications will make it easier to find the best way to get maximum results. Here is how to research trending products on TikTok.

Benefits of TikTok Market for Branding

How To Research Trending Products On Tiktok
How To Research Trending Products On Tiktok

1. Huge Audience Base

Imagine with more than 1 billion users, TikTok is a very worthy application as a marketing tool.  The audience base is very large and allows the brand to reach a wide range of potential customers around the world.

2. Great User Engagement

The TikTok algorithm is very unique.  It doesn’t matter whether you’re a long-time user or a first-time user, your videos will get higher user engagement.  This means that your brand’s TikTok video will have the potential to go viral even though your account is new and has no followers at all.

About 90% of TikTok users use the app several times a day.  So, user interaction for marketing purposes will be very prospective.

3. Location Targeting Advantages

Targeted locations are another advantage of TikTok Marketing.  You can find content creators from specific locations and create communities. Even though TikTok is a global app that is popular in more than 140 countries, your business or brand that operates in a particular region can still create local marketing campaigns.

For example, TikTok videos with the purpose of promotion in a certain country or a certain language only. So that’s why you have to learn how to research trending products on TikTok.

4. Local Creators

TikTok has many popular creators who come from small towns and have over 10,000 followers.  Usually, content creators with around 10,000 followers or followers are referred to as micro influencers.

These content creators are very popular among their own localities.  Therefore, if your brand or business wants to run a marketing campaign only in one particular location, then you can work together or collaborate with local creators.

5. Create Your Own Brand Marketing Channel

Almost like Youtube, your brand can also create its own brand marketing channel account on TikTok. Try to have this brand account verified by TikTok or get a blue tick.

How to Research Trending Product on TikTok

Because of its benefits, TikTok can be maximized to help business especially for product: trending. Here are the steps on how to research trending products on TikTok.

  1. First, sign up for TikTok shop seller center
  2. Then open compass data
  3. Click market analysis, the data is all yours
Market Analysis On Tiktok Seller Center
Market Analysis On Tiktok Seller Center

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That’s how to research trending products on TikTok. By maximizing the use of TikTok tools you can help to grow your business. Using the data of market analysis, you can choose the right step for your move. 

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