How to Track Miles on Iphone

How To Track Miles On Iphone

One of the common ways to do miles tracking on iphone is by using a built-in app called a Health app. In order to operate this app to track mileage, you require newer model of iphones. The ideal option for this activity is iphone 6 plus but the newer version the better performance it would be.

How to Track Miles on Iphone Using Built-In App

Here are several steps to access the tracking feature on the iphone to help you determine distance when doing activities such as walking or running.

1. Open the Iphone’s App

Open The Iphone’s App
Open The Iphone’s App

This tracking app looks iconic on iphone because it comes with the heart icon. Iphone users can ordinarily discover this app in the Iphone’s home screen. An app with white background and small heart on its right upper corner and named “Health” underneath the app.

If you are first timer in using this tracking app, there will be a message that you might receive. The message will ask your permission for this app to access your data. All you have to do is choosing “Allow” option in the message.

2. Tap the “Health Data” Option

Tap The “health Data” Option
Tap The “health Data” Option

After opening the app, tap “Health Data” option. By choosing this option, you can navigate to any of the tracked health information in this page. There are many important health information that you can get from this condition to know your current body condition.

Hence, you don’t need to make a writing tracks because everything that you need to know about health is here.

3. Tap the “Activity” Option

Tap The “activity” Option
Tap The “activity” Option

The next step on how to track miles on iphone via this app is by tapping the “Activity” option. This step will display you with a complete list of movement actions that are tracked by the app. There are number of movement actions available here including steps, flights climbed, and waking + running distance.

4. Choose “Walking + Running Distance”

Choose “walking + Running Distance”
Choose “walking + Running Distance”

The next step is choosing type of actions that you want to track. Tap on “Walking + Running Distance” option for instance if you want to know how to track miles walked on iphone. In this page, you will get information about walking and running distances you have conducted in four different ways.

  • Day: This option display a chart of total walking and running distances for current day. You also can view the distance you have traveled from the previous day by tapping on the graph.
  • Week: This option present a graph to show total walking and running distances in the current week.
  • Month: This option show distances of the total walking and running for the present month.
  • Year: This option gives you a graph of total walking and running distances in a latest year.

How Does Health App Work to Track Miles?

How Does Health App Work To Track Miles
How Does Health App Work To Track Miles

Health app showing the information about your current mileage by gathering the data from your Apple devices such as iphone and Apple Watch. All the progress of your movement can be viewed in any place. This app can count iphone user’s steps, walking, and running distances automatically.

No matter where you put the iphone is, whether it is in your pocket or in your hand, the “Walking +Running distance” indicator will be sufficiently accurate to test your travel experience. It can track height steps through “flight climbed” indicator in the app.

How to track miles on iphone can be done through various ways such as Health app that count your current travel distances.