How to Downgrade WordPress Version [+Prevent Autoupdate]

How To Downgrade Wordpress Version

Downgrading is a kind that is unnatural. It is because upgrading is viewed as the best thing to achieve security in computer ecosystem. By upgrading, the security of the software is kept in the highest version. Upgrading covers all aspects of computer technology from hardware, software and brainware. In any condition where hardware and brainware can not be adjusted to use the latest software, the downgrading of software is needed.

The reason behing software downgrading is, features that are needed viewed as enough. For example code editor in WordPress, since the beginning, people use Classic text editor and familiar with it. People are learning to use it. Any change on interface needs to be adjust. That is why, WordPress still provide plugin to rollback into the classical editor.

The second, in webhosting company, not all hosting provide capability to upgrade PHP software. This makes upgrading to deprecate. The third, there are customized plugins, that can run only in the previous version of WordPress. With so often upgrade, when we install the newest software, we see that many plugins that is not compatible yet with the newest version of WordPress.

Before rolling back to newest version of WordPress, we can set WordPress to update only the patch for security. With this setting, WordPress will not automatically update, when the newest version come. Only the patch for security.

To enable this setting, follow steps below:

  • Go to WordPress dashboard
  • Under Dashboard, on the left, there is Updates
  • Go to updates, click ‘Switch to automatic updates for maintenance and security releases only’

Rolling back WordPress

To roll back WordPress to previous version, we can use plugin. To use the plugin, follow steps below:

  • From ‘Add new’ plugin page, in the search bar, type ‘rollback’
  • Click ‘Install Now’
  • Activate it
  • From ‘Tools’, click Rollback Core

On the Rollback page, choose the wordpress version that we want

How to Prevent Autoupgrade from wp-config file

To ensure preventing automatic update, we can also prevent from the wp-config.php file inside our WordPress directory. There is a code to be inserted within it. Here you are:


When all of our website has been fine, it is suggested to reopen wp-config.php file and delete the code, so our WordPress can update to the newest version again.

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