Auto Admit for Google Meet using Chrome, Firefox, and Edge Browser

Auto Admit For Google Meet

Google Meet is the most popular platform to create meeting room. It has the following feature:

  • It is is free to use regardless how many participants to attend our meeting
  • It is fast, easy to use and lightweight platform
  • It can run from any browser including Firefox and Edge

Google Meet Auto Admit

When using google meet, sometimes there are participants who come late to our meeting. It is very distrubing when in the middle of our meeting, we need to end our presentation sharescreen, just to admit the late comers.

There are features in Google Chrome browser, to allow us auto admit, when the late comers come to our meeting. By using this feature, when a participant trying to enter our meeting, he will be admitted automatically.

To use this feature, we need to add extension for Google Chrome browser. That is, this feature can be used, if we are the host of the meeeting, and using desktop computer, with Google chrome browser.

This feature is not available yet for smartphone user. Smartphone user, can follow meeting but can not do auto admit.

Auto Admit For Google Meet Chrome Web Store
Auto Admit For Google Meet Chrome Web Store
  • To install Auto Admit Google Meet, go to Chrome extension download page.
  • At the top right, click 'Install
  • When we need to auto admit, go to Google Meet website, and click the extension icon
  • The software will begin to work

By installing this extension, when you are inside Google Meeting room, it will automatically allow participants to join by clicking admit button on the pop up.

Google Meet is the easiest and the lightest meeting software. In the era of online meeting, when a participant fails to come on time, that is always happens, this extension will be very useful. Extension to automatically admit participant on Google Meet platform, available not only to Chrome users but also Firefox browser. To install it:

  • Go to Firefox addon download page.
  • At the top right, click install, to install this addon.

For Microsoft Edge:

  • Install Edge addon from this page
  • On top right of the page, click Get


Google Meet is the best meeting platform and it is easy to use. If we are organizing a meeting, then, to use Auto Admit for Google Meet will be necessary.

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